I Remember… 9/11

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Commentary
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I Remember exactly where I was on 9/11/2001. I remember exactly what I was doing.

At the time I worked as the IT Manager for a company in Fort Lauderdale called “South Beach Gold”. That morning my boss came into my office and said “a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center”. Being the joker he (he had a morbid sense of humor” was I said “yeah Jerry whatever”. He replied “I wish this was one of my sick jokes”, it was then I looked up from my monitor and saw the look of fear in his eyes. We walked to his office and I saw it for myself, sadly within minutes the second tower was struck and it was then we looked at eachother and said this was no accident.

I remember my now ex-wife calling me, she was hysterical. Her father worked for and retired from the Port Authority and her older brother worked in Tower (North) One as an electrician.

I remember saying to her “where are you now”, she said “at home”.

I remember telling Jerry “I need to go home and be with my wife”. Without questioning me, he said “go to her”.

I remember sitting in traffic, frantically trying to call my brother in law, to no avail.

I remember getting home and seeing my wife sitting on the floor crying her eye’s out and yelling at her phone “ANSWER Paul PLEASE ANSWER”.

I remember feeling helpless because there was nothing I could do to calm the woman I loved. She felt like her entire world was crumbing around her. She practically grew up in the Twin Towers, as she reminded me many times over the next several days.

I remember finding out that same week, that my mother in law had passed away from the effects of breast cancer, leaving my wife feeling even more helpless and me feeling like there was nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for her, but couldn’t.

I remember listening to President Bush’s press conference and not hearing a word.

I remember… How the people of this country came together and helped one another, like one big community.

I remember finding out my brother in law was alive and safe in New Jersey almost a week later, he forgot his phone at home and was stuck in Jersey because they were only allowing emergency personel to cross the bridge. He slept in his car for almost a week.

I remember the look of joy on my wifes face knowing her brother was alive.

I also remember the look on her face when she realized this was not over.

If anyone thinks that just because Osama bin Laden is dead that we should bring the troops home…

Remember this is not over.


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