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Sarah Palin’s support among likely Republican primary voters is fading according to a newly-released Gallup poll, the second national survey this week to indicate the Alaska Republican is headed in the wrong direction as the 2012 primary race gears up.

According to the Gallup survey, which was released Friday, Palin draws 12 percent of support from Republicans and Republican-leaning independents – a 4 percent decline from a similar Gallup survey conducted one month ago. Those results are similar to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released earlier this week showing Palin had fallen 7 points between January and March, from 19 percent to 12 percent.

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(CNN) – Sarah Palin’s favorability rating among Republicans continues to slide as the former vice presidential nominee mulls a White House bid, according to a new survey.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll released Wednesday indicates 58 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents give Palin high marks, a 30-point drop from her favorability rating among the same group in the weeks leading up to the 2008 presidential election. It also marks a 12-point drop from a Washington Post/ABC News poll last fall when the former Alaska governor traveled the country on behalf of a string of congressional candidates.

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Done with whining about the media, that is.

In an appearance on Fox News, where she serves as a contributor, Palin shrugged off a recent sexual slur directed her way from comedian Bill Maher, saying, “I’m through whining about a liberal press that holds particularly conservative women to a different standard, because it doesn’t do any good to whine about it.”

“Nobody ever promised life was going to be fair,” Palin continued in what appeared to be a departure from her usual pattern of forcefully responding to critics, especially those in the media. “And politics really isn’t fair, the scrutiny, the double standards, and all that. I’m dealing with it I guess in a different way than others who want to bring more light to it and demand that Bill Maher apologize.”

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If Sarah Palin were black, her daughter’s out of wedlock, “baby daddy drama” would have been presented as an example of both pathological behavior and a dysfunctional family that is symbolic of the social problems in that community. If Sarah Palin were black, never would the poor decision making by the Palin family be marked off as challenges overcome, or deeds to be valorized.

If Sarah Palin were black, her neo-secessionist husband would have been the death knell for her political career, because as we all know you can’t trust “those people.”

If Sarah Palin were black, her lack of intellectual curiosity, willful and cultivated ignorance, and lack of grace both written and spoken, would not be taken as “folksy.” Instead, Palin would be viewed as unqualified for any public office.

If Sarah Palin were black she would be tarred and feathered as an “affirmative action baby.”

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Joan Walsh

Pat Buchanan and Sarah Palin

I don’t know what’s worse: That Sarah Palin knew the term “blood libel” has historically been a cornerstone of anti-Semitism (it specifically refers to the gruesome lie that Jews murdered Christian babies to use their blood in matzoh) or that she’s so ignorant she didn’t know what “blood libel” meant.

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While I don’t agree with all of this I really can’t argue with the premise of this article. Good read.

The problem with the media is they aren’t accountable. From CBS News to CNN to Fox to Bloggers worldwide, no one is accountable for the junk they print, post or broadcast. Case in point, CBS News and their one sided journalism blaming Sarah Palin for Gabrielle Giffords shooting. Or Paul Krugman Blames Giffords Shooting on Palin, Limbaugh and Beck.

Which raised the question who is this nitwit Paul Krugman?

I am not a fan of Ms. Palin, Rush Limbaugh or John Beck. I think all three need to climb back into whatever holes they slithered out of. That said, none of these people are any more accountable for Saturdays shooting then you or I.

I don’t care about your maps, talk show hosts tea parties. None of these things played a part in the shooting. Your going to have radicals in every group. Nancy “we’ll read it after we pass it” Pelosi is a fine example of that. That doesn’t mean every democratic senator/congressman is a complete idiot.

The only person who needs to be held accountable for what happened Saturday is Jared Lee Loughner. He acted out this sick act. He had the gun in hand. He alone pulled the trigger. That killed six and injured Mrs. Giffords. He Loughner admits “I Planned Ahead”.

Somehow still people want to blame Palin for her so called “Target List” which was nothing more then a list of people Ms. Palin wanted to see lose their Congressional seats. Not their lives. Yes maybe the thing was done in poor taste. But again it’s not Ms. Palin’s fault some sicko (Jared Lee Loughner) might have taken it the wrong way.

I been sitting back for three days listening to all this crap and it’s truely making me sick. The same people who put Palin amongst others in this position of celebrity are now going out of their way to tear her down. Yes it has happened before and it will happen again. Doesn’t make it right.

Lets put all the blame where it really belongs. The media for giving people like Palin a platform to publicize things like “Target Lists”. It’s the media who should be accountable. Because if the media didn’t give people like Palin the outlet to do the things they do then sickos like Jared Lee Loughner wouldn’t get the wrong idea in the first place.

Choke on that.

by Mark Kleiman

The claim made by Sarah Palin’s staff that the cross-hairs in her now-notorious “reload” ad targeting 20 Democratic Representatives were intended as surveyors’ symbols ought to go down in history as one of the dumbest defenses ever offered. Of course, since the right wing takes Nineteen Eighty-Four as an instruction manual rather than a warning….

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