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Hmmm, I find it odd that most of the comments I get are on the dumb stuff. I post something of a serious nature and it seems like it’s ignored.


Earlier this year, a unanimous Supreme Court rejected claims by AT&T that the corporation had “personal privacy” rights that should be protected. Chief Justice John Roberts capped his opinion for the Court with a flourish: “We trust that AT&T will not take it personally.” In the wake of this case and a few other losses suffered by business interests, some Court observers argued that the Roberts Court’s reputation as a champion of corporate interests is unearned.

But this week’s AT&T decision reminds us just how corporate friendly this court really is.

Wendesday’s ruling in AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion involved the practice of what’s called “binding arbitration.” Typically, if you have a legal dispute you go to court to get it resolved, but some contracts contain provisions that force you to give up your right to sue. Instead, you go through “arbitration,” in which disputes are resolved informally by a third party. Think of it as a sort of privatized judiciary. The advantages to companies are clear: disputes are resolved more quickly and arbitrators selected by corporations are likely to be favorable to corporate interests.

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With the economy still sputtering and gas prices rising, the percentage of Americans who approve of how President Obama has managed the economy has sunk to a new low, according a Marist poll released on Thursday.

In the poll, only 40% of registered voters said they approved of how Obama had handled the economy. Meanwhile, 57% said they disapproved of Obama’s job performance with respect to the economy, also a record in Marist’s polls.

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The authorization isn’t very recent, either. According to sources, it was “within the last two or three weeks.” Which is interesting for a bunch of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that coalition operations are only 12 days old. Was the CIA working on regime change before we’d even committed to the UN effort? Did Sarkozy and Cameron know about the CIA’s role when they signed onto the coalition or will they be blindsided by this? And what happens now to the political dynamics in Libya and abroad when Qaddafi starts screeching that he was right all along about the rebellion being a secret mission by the satanic crusader American government to blah blah blah blah?

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Poltical Cartoon 3/30/2011

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Politcal Cartoon 3/29/2011

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