White House official: No pay during shutdown

Posted: April 7, 2011 in News, Political Stuff
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Service members will not get paid and a significant number of Defense Department civilian employees will be furloughed, a senior Obama administration official said Wednesday in a conference call with reporters.

That is the administration’s most definitive statement to date on whether troops will be paid if the government shuts down. A shutdown will happen if Congress does not pass a spending measure to keep agencies funded once an existing stopgap measure expires at midnight Friday.

The White House and Congress remained deadlocked on budget legislation to carry the government past that point. If no deal is reached by then, numerous government functions will cease on Saturday morning. Exceptions will be made for operations necessary for the protection of life and property, and those that are funded through some means other than annual appropriations, the senior administration official said.

The Rest

OK so let me get this straight. Military personel will not be paid during a shutdown. Yes I know many of them only get paid monthly and may not be effected. Still what incentive would you have in going to work (possibly die for your country) if you knew you might not be paid? Would you still have that same patriotic feeling if you knew your family back home wasn’t receiving your checks? Would you be happy about it?


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