Empty suit alert

Posted: February 14, 2011 in My Opinion
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Predident Obama is the worst and weakest president America has ever seen. He’s weak on economic policy. For $1 trillion he promised unemployment would not exceed 8%. After spending “stimulus” money on Democratic special interests unemployment exceeded 10% and has only declined because so many of the unemployed are giving up and dropping out of the labor force. Real under and unemployment has ballooned under Obama’s guidance to over 17%, approaching levels last seen during the Great Depression. Obama doesn’t have a clue. He thinks the way to stimulate economic and job growth is to increase taxes, increase regulations, dispense unemployment ad nauseum, and threaten business. He thinks he can increase employment by chasing employers away. He thinks he can increase employment with foolhardy, job killing health care and carbon trading bills. Obama is a fool. He will should replaced for his incompetence in 2012.


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