Good Grief: Cops Charge 7-Year-Old for Bringing Toy Gun to Class

Posted: February 4, 2011 in My Opinion, News
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A WMB only to a moron

Hammonton Police began an investigation into the “suspicious activity” at the Hammonton Early Childhood Education Center Jan. 18 after school officials alerted them to the incident.

The “gun” the child brought to school was a $5 toy gun, similar to a Nerf gun, that shoots soft ping pong type balls, according to the school’s superintendent.

Officials also say that there was no evidence of anyone being threatened. The child’s mother told school officials that she didn’t know her son brought the toy to school.

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What the hell. How is this a major crime and don’t these people have anything better to do with their time. GO arrest some real criminals. Isn’t there some drug dealer that should be behind bars? What about that unsolved murder, shouldn’t someone be investigating that? Aren’t there any gangbangers who need to be arrested. Apparently not. But there is a seven year old with a toy gun… Get him boys. Give me a damn break. I am so sick and tired of resources being wasted on crap like this. This child did nothing wrong. Other than make an innocent childhood mistake. Perhaps someone should have just explained to him what he had done wrong. Maybe someone should have taken the “gun” away from him, called his parents and at worst suspended him from school for a few days to teach him a lesson. But charging the kid with a crime. That’s absolutely f”n rediculous! The people behind this really need to take a good hard look in the mirror.

This is an elementary school kid, not a highschool or college student who should know better (many don’t) and it was a damn toy.

The people behind this should lose their damn jobs.

Choke On That!


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