Obama Care WILL cost you.

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Political Stuff
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I been taking alot of flack from people who think that this health care law is a good one. Some saying it’s better then what we have now (is it really). Others calling me an idiot for thinking that this law will increase our taxes and health care insurance.

  • Fact the government has never gotten their hands into something without driving up the costs. They can’t even buy a $10.00 hammer for less than $500.00.
  • The health care providers warned the government that rates would go up by as much as 43% if they passed the bill. I know people who have health care insurance who’s rates have already increased, some as high 20% already. Someone has to pay for all those pre-existing conditions that the health care insurers are now going to have the burden of covering. There should not be any issue with the health care providers covering people with pre-existing conditions. However those people should pay a higher rate. Don’t punish people who have had coverage for years and possibly never used it.

This bill is going to cost roughly 1 trillion dollars over 10 years. Who is going to pay for it? Inspite of what some people believe the tax payer will. Maybe not in the form of higher income taxes, but in all likelihood you will pay for it in higher medicaid taxes or some other tax. Nothing is free if you don’t believe that in some way the people of this country won’t be paying for it than you are very short sighted, or have drank way too much of Obama’s koolaid.

Employees! your employers will be paying more, which means you may end up getting less. Less and in raises, bonuses, etc. You will suffer for this.

Consumers don’t think for one second that you are in the clear. Companies like AT&T, 3M and others are looking at much higher costs to cover their millions of employes. AT&T alone is looking at roughly 1 billion in new expenses in the first quarter alone after the law goes into effect. Who do you think they are going to pass those costs onto?

I’ve asked this question before and no one seems to want to answer it. How does forcing people to purchase something they can’t afford make it any  more affordable? The answer it doesn’t. Health care costs in the USA are the highest in the world. This law has done nothing to fix the problem. It’s just created a whole bunch of new ones. The main source of the problems still exist. Over prices drugs, over priced hospitals, over priced doctors.

I knew a girl who went into the hospital for a simple proceedure. One over night stay cost her insurance company almost ten thousand dollars. Including but not limited to 500.00 for two Bayer asprin. Do you have any clue how many cases of Bayer asprin a hospital can buy with 500.00? I’ll tell you “10”. yes at the average of 4.00 retail cost with 12 bottles in a case you can buy “10” cases and still have money left over. remember folks that’s retail cost. Not what the hospital actually pays which is considerably less than that. approximate wholesale is 3.00 a bottle. You do the math. To me that’s the hospital bilking the health insurance provider.

So please someone tell me, what’s so good about this new law? I can’t afford insurance and I work about 50 hours per week at my day job. I make a decent living. But 300+ a month for health insurance is beyond my personal means. And yes I have priced it out. I can actually get it for less than what my employer can provide (my share through my employer is almost 500 per month).

Instead of jumping all over me. Reseach this for yourself and stop being a sheep. You might not like what you find or is that what your afraid of?

  1. John Shepherd says:

    I have worked as a health care provider and in health care management my entire career. I have done this for over 35 years and have worked in the public sector, private fee for service and capitative care areas. I have studied at length the various delivery systems in other industrial nations and I can state that we are in a world of hurt here and in large, we lack an understanding of our real issues. Let me explain.

    1.) Without universal coverage those who are not covered get care but at a later stage of illness at a cost of 8-10 times the cost due to the only access to care is the emergency room. Those costs are absorbed by those who are covered.

    2.) Physicians in the USA are paid 2-5 times that of any other industrialized nation. They are the most influential organized labor union in the country…can you say AMA.

    3.) Labor makes up 70% of the total cost of health care with over 65% of those dollars going to the physicians who make up about 15% of the total health care labor force.

    4.) We spend more on end of life hospitalization and high tech applications on the extreme, chronically ill elderly who have no chance to leave the ICU’s than we do on primary care for those without coverage.

    5.) The inconsistent billing and coverage from plan to plan creates a magnitude of effort in the billing process and creates a huge cost. Compare this fee for service model with a capitative plan where there is a single payer. In this model over 95% of the premiums go into patient care. It is much easier these days to bill Medicare than the private insurance sector…that is the truth.

    6.) We do not have a universal patient record system. There is a huge re-work every time a patient is referred out to a specialist or when the patient changes health plans/providers. This is enhanced when employers are forced due to perceived economics to change coverage from year to year. Small employers are charged more by insurance companies (community rating) as they are stated to offer higher risk. The largest job growth is with smaller companies.

    Can you see the big picture here? What the prominent health care planners wanted was a public option with a single payer. This is a voucher in essence to allow the covered employee to select the care delivery system based on quality of service and care. The insurance industry and physicians fought the consumer free choice to the tune of $1 million per day for a year in turmoil advertising, manipulation and advocacy. They fought the very thing that they profess to support…freedom of choice and open competition.

    Health care benefits as a benefit of employment is a problem. You get sick, you lose your job and you have no health care. That is when you need it the most. Health care in every other industrialized country is a right and is employer/employee and tax supported via a centralized fund. It is the basis of well being in a civilized society. That is not socialism it is the basis of a functional and productive society. Germany, France, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, So. Korea and Taiwan are all very productive and innovative countries. They all have single payer health care systems where everyone is covered. At least four of those listed countries have better health outcomes, longer life expectancy, higher immunization rates and better infant mortality rates than we do. They all spend less than half as much as we do per person. The current monopoly is not free market and it is designed to reward the restriction of care. For profit health care insurance and delivery has failed. It produces poorer outcomes, covers fewer people and costs more. That is a demonstrated fact. Better than one out of every three bankrupt filings is due to a lack of adequate health care coverage. Most of these people had health care insurance. It is not right to have worked all of your life and to lose everything due to a lack of or inadequate coverage.

    To fight against health care for all is a sign of a society fixated on short term goals and compartmentalized thinking. The manipulation has been by those who financially benefit from the exclusion and denial to others. We are a better people than that. We can do better.

  2. The fight against healthcare is simply due to the fact that. It won’t work, will cost too much and will do nothing to lower costs. Canada has universal health care. I know many Canadian people who come to the US for their health care, because they would rather pay for it here then wait for it there.

    Why are so many doctors against this really bad idea?

    Why did the insurance companies warn of increasing rates? Which they have and are.

    How can you sit there in good conscience and say that forcing someone to purchase something that can not afford is a good idea. Gee, I guess I’ll get that over priced health insurance and give up my car, which in turn will cost me to lose my job, which in turn will cost me to lose my home.

    You are looking at it from the business side, now try and look at it from the human side, with all due respect, you are the one missing the big picture.

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