Julian Assange… Revenge Arrest.

Posted: December 10, 2010 in My Opinion, Political Stuff
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If you think the recent arrest of Julian Assange wasn’t a bit of payback then think twice. They could have arrested this man on these rape charges at any point over the last several years. They choose now to make an example of him.

Don’t get me wrong Rape is a violent crime that no one should have to live through. I feel badly for any woman who has suffered from such a violent crime. I have a former girlfriend who is still living with the terrible memories of what her ex-husband did to her. Mr. Assange needs to pay dearly for his alleged crime(s).

My problem with it is this. The world governments could simply shut the site and it’s servers down. They could tear it apart in seconds of they really wanted to.

National security is at risk. What does our fearless leader do about it. Exactly what he’s done about everything else he’s involved with. NOTHING!. He’s done nothing, he will do nothing, because he doesn’t know how to do anything.

What has the German, Sweden and other countries who host mirrors of the site done NOTHING. Cowardly acts at best.

What’s Great Britain done. Arrested the man on an old rape charge. The US Government says “US Charges are forthcoming”. When? Whenever Obama and his cronies decide it’s time to stop fighting with the GOP about everything else I suppose.

The worst part about it is there are morons who live in this country who go around thinking wow, this guys (Assange) telling us the truth. He’s showing us how our government is screwing us and hiding information from us. No dummies, he’s putting everything you think he so wonderful at risk of attack not only from terrorists, but other nations as well.

I am OK with the arrest. He deserves it and should rot in hell if these charges are true. But the US and other countries need to act fast and make sure Assange and anyone else working with him go to jail and stay there for a very long time. Which raises the question, how did they get all these documents in the first place.  This link will explain part of it.

These people and that’s anyone involved in this need to be tried and convicted, then hanged. That’s how you set an example.


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